It’s been a while…DIY & Sustainable Choices

Of late, I have actually been busy with a whole range of DIY projects, that blogging has taken a back seat.

I have been so focused on creating, recycled, sustainable clothing options, I haven’t had time for much else. I found a whole range of Indonesian Batik that my mother had saved for…well I am not sure what she was saving 100 meters of fabric for :), but I decided to put it to use and created a range of clothing and notebooks for myself….perhaps I might branch out and make for friends and family!batik2batik

Carrying on with my endeavour to support through the culling of my wardrobe, selling and generating funds to donate, I have still a long way from my ‘donation’ goal. However, researching through the net I stumbled across some sites, blogs and pages that have inspired me to plight on.

Ekoluv, a conscious, sustainable and compassionate site, focusing on drawing awareness and encouraging sustainable lifestyles is doing some great things that I hope to aspire to and achieve great things like this one day.

Also a local business on the Gold Coast called, Cool People Live Here, have a great concept where you donate furniture where they recycle and turn into new pieces of art to appreciate and of course buy…hence minimising everyone’s waste and consumption.


I am always on the lookout for business, sites and ideas like this to inspire me and my mind has been busily ticking with concepts of my own that I hope to craft, develop and evolve into reality.