4 phrases I can’t stand right now….

Ever since embarking on my road to recovery (a.k.a stop shopping like a maniac) I have become slightly addicted to making lists. Not lists of grocery items or to-do lists (although I still make those as needed) however lists about myself.

So I have dedicated this blog post, and no doubt future posts, about self reflection and what I’ve learned about myself.  I can’t stand the four phrases below!  And where I always endeavour to keep things positive, I had to make a mention today about these annoying phrases.  Now, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone who uses these; and perhaps I have just been more attentive over the last few months that I have only started to notice these more and more.  However, I have collated in my mind a few little catch phrases that seem to rub me the wrong way of late.

I noticed these ‘sayings’ coming up during the conversations I was having with certain people and perhaps it was the fact that I kept hearing them regularly, over and over again that it has only now drawn me to this conclusion.   Maybe if I had only heard it once, it really wouldn’t have annoyed me at all…we’ll never know now.  I know certain people say these words as a simple means of conversation or placating; however, not sure if it’s just me again, whilst talking about my d&m issues, the following phrases seemed to trivialise and even patronise my feelings and issues somewhat (just in my opinion.)  But anyhoo…the phrases I can’t stand include:

Don’t stress  – (Well, why thank for that helpful suggestion.  Don’t stress! If only it were that easy.  But clearly, if I am stressed, there would be a reason for it; so perhaps I need to find the solution to the root cause of my stress rather then ‘not stressing’.
Learn from my mistakes – (Why? I need to make my own or I’ll never learn.  And anyway, making mistakes is all about living.  So if I were to ‘learn’ from your mistakes that essentially means I would not be true to myself and carry out the things I want to…in fear of making mistake and rather just take your word for it? No thanks)
It’s much of a muchness – (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?! I was asking someone’s opinion about what I should do about a certain something at work and that was there response?? Thanks for your input Sally)

Epic Fail – (A new phrase that seems to be sweeping the vocabulary of people near and far…this really seems like a phrase that should only be used in comical moments.  Whilst discussing the trial and tribulations of my financial woes…EPIC FAIL…is not a sentiment I wish to respond or relate to?!

And that concludes my list of words/phrases I can’t quite stand at the moment 🙂