Wondrous Weekends…

The first two weeks of January have been quite stressful for me. Working, the business, running around, launched my much anticipated charity cause.  However, this weekend and the next couple, have been solely dedicated to relaxing and enjoying. (You’ve got to make the time sometimes.) On the agenda this weekend, celebrations for my nephew’s, twin sister’s and my birthday.  I still can’t believe we all share the same Birthday ;).   Plenty of scrumptious food and good times catching up with good friends were in order.

I also had a chance to dust off a couple silk dresses I haven’t had the chance of wearing yet. Since commencing my little campaign, I’ve been busy sorting out my wardrobe and apart from freeing up space and donating, I am also rediscovering old clothes to wear.  I love it!  I am finding pieces that I forgot I had.  It’s like having a new wardrobe all over again.  In spirit of the occasion, I matched my happy mood with a kaleidoscope of colour 🙂 An old Kookai singlet in a beautiful coral pink. A pair of floral garden Mink Pink shorts. A Tigerlily denim pigmented dress, and a silk slouch dress that always reminds me of carnival for some reason?!

Grateful for time with old friends, family, dinosaur parties with a piñata and the most yummy high tea spread I’ve ever seen.

The 90 day challenge!

I was so inspired by the 365 Day Personal Challenge by Christina Dean, Founder of Redress Asia, it had inspired me to attempt this challenge myself.  I initially stumbled across the challenge via Eco-Vintage blog, written by Katie Thomas who herself have some very inspirational posts.  One of the things I have loved during my research into sustainable and ethical clothing is finding these great bloggers and sites that support this movement also, who inspire me even more on a day to day basis.

However, back to my 90 day challenge…I knew, and anyone who knows me would also have an inkling, that this would be an extremely difficult challenge for me.  I am after all a self confessed shopaholic, the proper kind,  however on a mission to reduce my slavery footprint.   After watching the video almost over a week ago however, I still had the message firmly impressed on my mind.

The solution?  I am embarking on a 90 day challenge.  This personal mission is to not shop for 90 days.  The rules: I wear what I have in my wardrobe and can only purchase from second hand stores if necessary. The reason: To reduce my consumption, recycle my current resources and promote sustainable practices through purchasing already manufactured clothes.

I will keep you posted on my progress…this will NO doubt, be one of the biggest challenges for me however I am committed to doing this.

Fast Facts

Approximately 500,000 tons or 1 billion items of clothing are sent to landfill each year – that’s 114,000 per hour and an average of 16 items per year per person. Source: http://www.treehugger.com

Another great initiative



Keep calm & blog on!


It’s been one year of, consistent, blogging for me. I’ve dabbled in the past. Had one of those livejournal accounts at one time. Tried a blogger account. Even shared a blogger account with my twin sister and shared blogging activity responsibilities.  However, it didn’t quite stick.  But one year on and I’ve maintained my live.love.learn blog and have shared some great personal journeys, experiences, projects and more.

Looking back, I have rustled up the entries that have meant the most to me for 2013.  Looking forward, I am hopeful and excited of what 2014 has to bring.

Some of you may be aware…I used to be a shopaholic!! :/

No but seriously…I had a problem.  You may have seen some of my previous posts outlining the extent of my ‘shopping issue’.  If not, I have included some of those pictures below for your to peruse. Happy judging! Only joking; but I get it, there’s a lot there.

Needless to say, I had a problem.  One of my goals for 2013 was to donate to a charity organisation Made in a Free World. After discovering I had 60 slaves working for me to support my lifestyle, I delved a bit deeper to understand what the modern day term ‘slave’ meant; and to my discovery, yes, it refereed to the forced labour, selling, abuse and exploitation of people, especially children.

Some people probably envision the pre-industrial slave times, (slaves shackled and cotton picking in the fields) and believe we have come a far way since those times.  We haven’t.  If anything it’s worse.  With our access to information to bring awareness, you would think these issues would be abolished from society.  They haven’t.  With the increase of capatilsim and consumerism, these issues have only been exploited more. But am I not here to preach or write a history essay on this; just merely wanted to point out that the word ‘slave’ today, still has similar connotations as it did once before. ward

So for me, I started my little journey of awareness, but also a mission to raise funds to support the organisations attempting to raise awareness and abolish these practices.

I wanted to give you an idea of where I started, where I came from…and how I am trying to improve my actions for the better.  We aren’t all perfect and I dare not be.  But I can definitely try to, at the least, take a conscious effort going forward in supporting the right brands.

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Selling my Clothes for the ‘Give a Dollar’ Campaign

So as declared back in 2013, I wanted to raise funds as donation to several charity organsiations I have been following.  Yesterday,  I have embarked on my fundraising mission and launched ‘Give a Dollar’ Campaign.  The premise, reach out to 2014 people and ask for a dollar donation to raise $2014!

I am undertaking several activities to support this however one that I have commenced in line with the launch of my cause…I am selling excess clothes from my years of shopping, and all sales will go toward the $2014 donation goal.

Brand New, Moolola Animal Print Shirt with embellishments. $5 + postage or pick up. Size 10

Check out the first upload of clothes in my facebook album.  Clothes are described as best as possible and are sold as is.

Please show your support!