I had a date with lace doilies and leather….

Instagram is a lovely thing…it allows us to stalk…I mean view other people we don’t even know and have a glimpse into their world. 🙂  Even better, it also allows us to find great little niche businesses and people who have some great talent to share. Over the weekend, I found the insta account of Amy Lawrence.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about Amy Lawrence she makes, “intriguing knitted neck wear”.  It really is something you have to see to appreciate.

For me, I love knits.  I own about 1 million knitted jumpers and cardigans because I just can’t get enough of them.  So to stumble across Amy who creates wonderful knitted accessories…is happiness!

The inspo!
Image courtesy of instagram / @amylawrencedesigns


Part of her other range that also caught my eye is her BITZA range.  Basically these are up cycled lace and crochet doilies that have been reworked into cute creations of lace, leather, cotton and ribbon.  Again, something you have to see to believe. I was so taken away with these designs…that I was inspired to make my own.  Let me tell you, it was a fiddly task that required the utmost patience and perseverance…however I managed to stick it out and make 2.5 lace pieces for myself.

I am glad I found Amy’s page as it reignited my love for crafts and beautiful textiles. So much so that I visited my beautiful mother’s sewing studio and raided her secret stash of silk ribbons, lace and other goodies to restart my collection.  Thanks mum!!

The weekend was spent toiling away and creating the below pieces that I am quietly proud of.  Of course, it pails in comparison to the wonders of Amy Lawrence designs however for a novice…I think this DIY project turned out okay.



Images courtesy of: amylawrencedesigns.co.uk & instagram




Recycle, Recreate & Repurpose!

In my craze of pinning images to boards since I discovered pinterest, I have stumbled across some amazing images of very creative ways to reuse and repurpose old or otherwise useless trash.

It’s amazing what you can create by using items that may have otherwise been discarded.  All it takes is an open mind and if you look around, there are endless possibilities of how you can recycle what you already own, reduce your consumption and minimise the impact to the environment.

It got me really excited on little recycling projects I could begin…creating little wonders of my own.  Here are some of the inspirational yet simple ideas I have found.  Challenge yourself and repurpose something of your own!


Keep calm & blog on!


It’s been one year of, consistent, blogging for me. I’ve dabbled in the past. Had one of those livejournal accounts at one time. Tried a blogger account. Even shared a blogger account with my twin sister and shared blogging activity responsibilities.  However, it didn’t quite stick.  But one year on and I’ve maintained my live.love.learn blog and have shared some great personal journeys, experiences, projects and more.

Looking back, I have rustled up the entries that have meant the most to me for 2013.  Looking forward, I am hopeful and excited of what 2014 has to bring.

Keeping busy or also known as…keeping myself occupied so I don’t shop!

In a bid to keep myself busy I have taken some advice and taken up a new hobby.

In one of my posts I blogged about ‘Removing Temptations’. Well part of that was to get rid of any glossy magazines I had around the house.

This proved difficult. I had a good collection going and I found it such a waste, both monetary and art sake, to throw out these beautiful magazines.

So I decided to create collage inspired writing journals with images cut out from these magazines (my goal was to keep it more focused on art than fashion inspired images.)

Somehow…I didn’t think I’d find any serenity by obsessively cutting out fashion images such as ‘clothing looks’ and collaging them onto a journal, a journal that I am supposed to use to write about my shopping habit accomplishments.

So for the last couple of weekends I have busily occupied myself with making these little beauties and actually found myself getting quite enthralled in my DIY craft project.

It proved to work that by taking up a hobby, I have managed to divert my attention from, just focusing on shopping to now…arts and crafts.

And if or when my attentions wanes with this project…I already have my next inspiration line up…knitting a scarf for winter .


Save them dollars…DIY it!

So in a bid to save my money…I started my first DIY project.

The Inspiration:

The fabulous designer – IXIAH.  The moment I viewed her collections I fell in love with her  wonderfully eclectic and unique items with such creative, styling and layering.

Territories Long Sleeve White Top

Of particular, to-die-for, lusting….I absolutely adore the ‘Territories Long sleeve White Shirt’.  Of course, with my current decision to work on my spending habits and get it to a more healthier level, justifying the purchase of this top seemed very unreasonable.


Having never embarked on a DIY project before, I was uncertain as to how successful I’d be.  However, after taking some notes from the very successful creator of ‘A Pair & a Spare’, I had found some new enthusiasm and inspiration.

The Project:

Below are the following items purchased for my project:

  • One white long sleeved top from Valley Girl – $4.99
  • 1 metre of tapestry material from spotlight – $9.00 p/m

The method: Having some sewing experience from watching my talented sister, I measured the length of the shirt, front and back, and then cut pieces of material in the measured length and choose a desired width of about 4 cm (allowing 1 cm for sewing allowance.)

Next, I simply sewed the pieces of fabric directly onto the front and back of shirt.  Slightly folding about half a centimetre on each side of the fabric strip to create a clean edge, I sewed the fabric on the shirt.  I say simply, which it was, however being a novice I am quite slow.

The finished product:

My version of the much adored top.

For a total of $15 and about 2 hours of my time, I was able to recreate a version of the much coveted Ixiah top.  It’s not as beautiful as the inspiration top however it will do for now. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have plenty more blog posts to come of my creative little projects.

If you’re a DIY expert, I’d love to see some of your projects for more inspiration so follow me on instagram or comment with your blog link so I can check you out.