Removing temptations….Easier said then done!

What has been happening in my world….

So, this just in….I failed at acquiring any form of serenity and overcoming my habit of compulsive shopping.

Working for an online retailer was one temptation proving too much for me to overcome. Like any person of habit, I’ve had to restart my recovery and focus on removing temptations to my addiction. Easier said then done!

Just to prove to you my epic failure at curbing my spending habit, I have reluctantly posted a picture of my cork board at work that houses the collection of tags from all the purchases I have made during my short time at my place of employment. I feel that revealing this will definitely help in my steps to freedom of shopping addiction…fingers crossed.


My work cork board! FAIL

The infamous ‘Clothing tag’ cork board displaying my purchase history

Granted…I did buy these items with my super awesome 40% off staff discount, however that only allowed me to foolishly justify these purchases even more. To be honest, I am not sure how to overcome this great temptation at work; but I am seriously considering asking the IT department to disable my staff code for the time being and may resort to wearing blinkers (similar to what horses wear) whilst at work and walking past any clothing racks.

Blinkers Needed

Removing temptations!!!! Who would have thought that a simple item such as a glossy magazine, could hold so much power and temptation. And it doesn’t stop there. Nearly every social site I am a member of, has exponentially fuelled my addiction further with all the exposure to the latest fashions, trends and stylish fashionistas modelling their purchases….argghghgh. Social sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and facebook…I hate you!!!


However, I have struggled to delete these totally. What I have done is ceased to follow any account remotely fashion related. Queue super boring timeline and feed filled with countless posts on ‘my baby is so cute’ pictures or ‘fitspo….look at my abs’ pictures.

Nonetheless, I feel somewhat better having taken steps to remove these temptations. It’s only time now until I can attend a doctors appointment without cowering in the corner away from the dreaded table filled with magazines and reading material, in fear that I may see an item of clothing that I simply must have and strategise in my head how to acquire such piece while I wait for said doctors appointment.

With that…it’s a process and I am trusting this process to take its course.