Missing in Action!

Yes, what a long time since my last post. I remember reading a comment a while ago, someone made about owning a blog. They said, “A blog is for life. Like a puppy, you can’t just stop caring for it.” Sorry blog community…life got the better of me.

I’ve been working in a new job. Something completely different. I have two little ones to run around after. I’ve been busy warding off daily daycare germs, working, living, and building a house. I guess, I also thought I didn’t have anything interesting to write?

I kept seeing all these interesting blog posts, insta posts and other social updates and kept thinking, why would anyone want to read what I have to write? I guess that’s the thing with society today, we compare ourselves quite a bit to others?

That’s never really been my main MO, but, I still found myself doing it. It’s hard not to, right?

Anyway,  I sit here, well into the year, I try and reflect back and see what I’ve done and accomplished. And that’s another thing that I’ve also realised lately. It’s great to have #goals. It’s great to get inspired and constantly strive to achieve something. But sometimes, isn’t it okay to just want to, chill out? Is it acceptable to not have any goals for a while?

I’m not talking about being a couch potato. Or not being ambitious or having drive. But just, taking stock of your life and enjoying it? Enjoying those moments where you aren’t crazy busy and always ‘online’. Or, enjoy the moment where you can just pick up your keys and head out the door and head to the park with your two kids, without worrying about a 6pm social event you have to be at?

That’s where I am at, at the moment. Just enjoying where I am and what I have right now. I’ve been pretty content.

How about you? How have you been feeling?






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