I am not a New Year resolution type of person. I don’t believe in waiting until the eve of a new year to make life changing decisions or goals. Fine…should it be the case that you reflect and use a new year to set some goals, terrific!  However again, I stand by the fact that you should constantly review your ‘best of’s’ throughout the year and also, constantly set or reset goals throughout the year.  shutterstock226324081-304xx3905-2603-0-401

Same goes for the inspirations to be kinder, happier, fitter, etc.  It’s great if a new year is a gateway to this new behaviour but again…I hope it would last throughout the WHOLE year.  On the same token, being kinder, nicer, greater etc etc hopefully isn’t something you try to enact, fail to commit and then wait for NYE 2015 to restart your inspiring goals.

I love ringing in the new year! I love spending it with family and friends and celebrating. However for me, my goal setting and achievements never stop. My growth, my evaluation and reflection are constant.  A new year isn’t the be all and end all of change.  So happy 2015…let it be a great year and I hope, your development, achievements & success is something that you achieve throughout!!



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