Try everything…twice!

We always here the age old advice of, “Try everything once!” While I have always agreed with this, I’ve learned that sometimes, you need to try everything twice…at a minimum. 

Of late, I have become an avid boater and fisherman.  Who would have thought right? If you would have asked me my thoughts on the matter 1 year ago or even 5 years ago, I would have said something like this, “Who would want to go fishing…sitting and waiting for hours, getting attacked by mosquitoes and after 4 hours, coming up empty handed.”

However, this was my opinion after my first experience fishing.  It went something like this….I was taken to a local creek, during peak summer season. It was stinking hot. I had limited supplies (fishing and snack wise).  I had no insect repellent and was left to my own devices.  Of course I didn’t enjoy it.  But recently, I was taken on a mini boat trip around our local waterways and was shown the ropes of how to fish.  My fellow fisherman, took the time to teach me how to correctly hook bait, cast out and lure in a fish.  A lo and behold…I caught my first fish.  And it was a beauty. And I was addicted!  Now, I try to go fishing every weekend I can.  Not too mention, I am out in the beautiful sun and surf, enjoying what my home town has to offer.

And it got me thinking…if I hadn’t tried this activity twice, I would never have discovered just how much fun fishing and boating could actually be.  The circumstances were completely different to the first.  My fisherman buddy helped me out; and the location was the big open sea (well not too big as I also get sea sick).  And this was also another reason that held me back for so long.

I had one bad experience where I went on a whale watching tour and wasn’t prepared for the big open waves. On that day, I spent most of the 4 hour tour holed up in the toilet or on the stern (back) of the boat throwing up.  Another example where my first experience potentially tainted my future experiences.  From then on, I was convinced that if I step foot on water (in the boating sense) I would surely end up violently sea sick and nauseous.  Not the case.  Well…yes, if I go to open water again.  However, not if I stay on the shallow shores of the broadwater 🙂

So my point is, try everything at least twice.  If the first time didn’t work, try it at a different angle.  Look at what it was that didn’t work for you and change it up.

I can’t believe I have missed out all these years on something so exciting and enjoyable!! Open your mind and options…because you’ll never know what you could be missing out on 🙂




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