Things I miss….ground breaking stuff!

I came across a youtube video about Mario Bros the other day and it brought back memories and a twang of nostalgia. It made me wonder what other little things I miss in my life and came up with a short list. I like to reminisce from time to time, however I find it pointless doing so unless it brings about some sort of change or realisation. So with my little list, I endeavour to make a few changes and capitalise on the things that bring me enjoyment.

  • I miss going to the library.  I have my iPad and Kindle and although I love the convenience, especially when I have a small compact bag and wish to bring a book along with me, I do miss flicking through the pages of an actual book.  Call me old fashioned, but I don’t ever think an electronic device will replace my love for books.  Now…where’s that damn library card of mine? :/
  • Same goes with DVD stores.  I actually really hate downloading movies.  Not just due to the ‘piracy’ issues, but I find the actual task itself so….frustrating and time consuming? This may baffle people since modern day tech has really gone leaps in bounds in increasing our time efficiency, however I find myself taking up more time trying to download quality files and wondering what the actual movie is about, compared to going into an actual DVD store;  not to mention, it takes the fun out of finding one of your old favourites on the old DVD shelf.  Now…where is my local membership card? :/
  • I love flowers! However, my nose doesn’t.  A) because I can’t really smell too well anyway, and b) I get chronic hay fever.  I love to have fresh cut blooms in different rooms of my house, however it’s not something I can do.  Depending on my nose sensitivity, it more than often gives me extreme hay fever symptoms and turns me into a blotchy, sneezing, whiner.  Not really sure how to fix this missing moment in my life….perhaps I’ll just visit a few more florists whilst being completely dosed up on antihistamine tablets.
  • Being a couch potato.   I don’t mean everyday, however I just love the times where I can just sit on my sofa, eat a bag of chips and not worry about having to be anywhere or do anything.  I find myself feeling guilty when I have these moments and then force myself to do something? Why? From now on, I am going to endeavour to have at least one ‘couch potato day’ per month.
  • And of course….Super Mario Bros.  I miss that game in general.  I remember finding my old Nintento console and plugged it in for a bit of a trip down memory lane.  I loved it. Since then, my Super Ninento system died and as above, I am not really sure how to capitlise on  this lost moment…however perhaps I can be a little more metaphoric and try to embrace my inner child a little bit more.  And I don’t mean the screaming, spoiled, childish times; but more,  the opportunistic tendencies of the childhood ‘me’ and how children in general tend to embrace new opportunities with gusto.

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