Things I miss….ground breaking stuff!

I came across a youtube video about Mario Bros the other day and it brought back memories and a twang of nostalgia. It made me wonder what other little things I miss in my life and came up with a short list. I like to reminisce from time to time, however I find it pointless doing so unless it brings about some sort of change or realisation. So with my little list, I endeavour to make a few changes and capitalise on the things that bring me enjoyment.

  • I miss going to the library.  I have my iPad and Kindle and although I love the convenience, especially when I have a small compact bag and wish to bring a book along with me, I do miss flicking through the pages of an actual book.  Call me old fashioned, but I don’t ever think an electronic device will replace my love for books.  Now…where’s that damn library card of mine? :/
  • Same goes with DVD stores.  I actually really hate downloading movies.  Not just due to the ‘piracy’ issues, but I find the actual task itself so….frustrating and time consuming? This may baffle people since modern day tech has really gone leaps in bounds in increasing our time efficiency, however I find myself taking up more time trying to download quality files and wondering what the actual movie is about, compared to going into an actual DVD store;  not to mention, it takes the fun out of finding one of your old favourites on the old DVD shelf.  Now…where is my local membership card? :/
  • I love flowers! However, my nose doesn’t.  A) because I can’t really smell too well anyway, and b) I get chronic hay fever.  I love to have fresh cut blooms in different rooms of my house, however it’s not something I can do.  Depending on my nose sensitivity, it more than often gives me extreme hay fever symptoms and turns me into a blotchy, sneezing, whiner.  Not really sure how to fix this missing moment in my life….perhaps I’ll just visit a few more florists whilst being completely dosed up on antihistamine tablets.
  • Being a couch potato.   I don’t mean everyday, however I just love the times where I can just sit on my sofa, eat a bag of chips and not worry about having to be anywhere or do anything.  I find myself feeling guilty when I have these moments and then force myself to do something? Why? From now on, I am going to endeavour to have at least one ‘couch potato day’ per month.
  • And of course….Super Mario Bros.  I miss that game in general.  I remember finding my old Nintento console and plugged it in for a bit of a trip down memory lane.  I loved it. Since then, my Super Ninento system died and as above, I am not really sure how to capitlise on  this lost moment…however perhaps I can be a little more metaphoric and try to embrace my inner child a little bit more.  And I don’t mean the screaming, spoiled, childish times; but more,  the opportunistic tendencies of the childhood ‘me’ and how children in general tend to embrace new opportunities with gusto.

A big thanks to these awesome brands…..

So recently I embarked on my ‘Give a Dollar’ campaign to raise funds to donate to Made in a Free World and also IAWF. In the first week I managed to raise $100 and now we are up to $200. My goal is $2014 by December 31st 2014.

However, after reaching out to a few brands that are all about ethical and sustainable practices, I was very humbled and grateful for the support shown by some boutique and large eco brands.

The first supplier to show support and donate a gorgeous dress which will be raffled off once we reach our goal was 3Fish.

As part of this mission, I have been lucky to come across some new brands that I never knew existed. For me, apart from raising my goal fund amount, learning about new brands and understanding their mission is another added plus for me.

3Fish, the fastest growing fairtrade company in Woodend, are  passionate about fair trade and its power to tackle extreme poverty through trade.  Their belief is that every life is precious, and they go to long lengths to ensure their products are sweatshop free and kind to the environment.  As quoted by 3Fish, “Every dollar you spend for yourself or your organisation has a ripple effect around the globe – make it count! to long lengths to ensure our products are sweatshop free and kind to the environment. Every dollar you spend for yourself or your organisation has a ripple effect around the globe – make it count!”

To find companies that are solely founded and created to support this movement of fairtrade…is phenomenal in my opinion.

Other brands who have also donated goods or gift vouchers that will also be raffled off include:


I am sure Birkenstock need no introduction with their on trend sandals gracing nearly every fashion blogger’s tootsies out there…however long before they become a fashion staple in everyone’s’ wardrobe, Birkenstock were doing great things both for foot health and eco/ethical practices.

I’ve long been a fan of Birkenstock and their products and I am so happy to see these awesome sandals gracing the foot of nearly every fashionista on the planet.  Of course I loved them before they were cool 😉

All about Eve. 

All about Eve are a boutique brand producing on trend fashion for the savvy lady.