Productivity & Pinterest

I’ve recently discovered pinterest and needless to say…my productivity levels have taken a massive decline. Refer to chart below


This applies to pretty much all aspects of my life right now.  I found myself trawling through pages of beautiful images and pinning them to my plethora of boards.  I’ve become so obsessed and addicted, I can’t seem to create enough boards; creating a new one at the rate of 1 per second at the moment.  “Yes! I need a separate board to categorise each clothing item!!!!” Do you even have to ask?!

Now that I have stumbled across, very late may I add, the craze that is pinterest, I find I can’t even visit a simple webpage without pinning multiple images.  “Oh look at that pretty flower…on to the pinterest you go”

Is this something I will grow out of? Will this interest with pinterest eventually fade…only time will tell.



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