‘The happy moment jar’

I was inspired by the above idea of capturing your happy moments in a jar. The idea is, each happy moment you have during the year, you write it down, save it in your jar and come New Year’s eve 2014, you read each happy moment you’ve had, remembering what a great year it’s been, appreciating the moments and hopefully inspiring you to have even bigger and better happy moments for 2015.

I loved this idea!! So much so, that I started one of my own jars.  I’ve blogged on enough about my shopping addiction and how I have amassed so many clothes over the years and I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than to take my acts of reducing and culling my wardrobe down to a more manageable size, selling my clothes and recycling them to people who need them one step further and instead of amassing and collecting even more clothes….amass and collect my happy moments.


Recycle, Recreate & Repurpose!

In my craze of pinning images to boards since I discovered pinterest, I have stumbled across some amazing images of very creative ways to reuse and repurpose old or otherwise useless trash.

It’s amazing what you can create by using items that may have otherwise been discarded.  All it takes is an open mind and if you look around, there are endless possibilities of how you can recycle what you already own, reduce your consumption and minimise the impact to the environment.

It got me really excited on little recycling projects I could begin…creating little wonders of my own.  Here are some of the inspirational yet simple ideas I have found.  Challenge yourself and repurpose something of your own!


Productivity & Pinterest

I’ve recently discovered pinterest and needless to say…my productivity levels have taken a massive decline. Refer to chart below


This applies to pretty much all aspects of my life right now.  I found myself trawling through pages of beautiful images and pinning them to my plethora of boards.  I’ve become so obsessed and addicted, I can’t seem to create enough boards; creating a new one at the rate of 1 per second at the moment.  “Yes! I need a separate board to categorise each clothing item!!!!” Do you even have to ask?!

Now that I have stumbled across, very late may I add, the craze that is pinterest, I find I can’t even visit a simple webpage without pinning multiple images.  “Oh look at that pretty flower…on to the pinterest you go”

Is this something I will grow out of? Will this interest with pinterest eventually fade…only time will tell.