Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand!

A statement could not be more true.  I love these quotes.  Call me cliché.  When I see one that truly motivates or inspires me…it gets pinned straight to my pinterest board.

I also love youtube! Because youtube brings us immortalised moments of funny, hilarious and amazing.  Take the below video for example.  I watched this video a couple months back and felt so sorry for the leggy model falling, tripping or whatever it is she is doing on the

Funny story; about a week ago I headed out for a new year catch up with friends…I was looking preeeetty spiffy if I do say so myself.  I had heels on! Now, I work for an e-commerce business.  We don’t have clients popping in or anything like that, so it’s been casual day, everyday for the last 2 years. My heel skills have taken a dramatic dive.

But I was feeling very ambitious this one night and wanted to wear my 6 inch platform heels.  You know what is coming next.  Yes! I fell over in them.  I was crossing a zebra crossing, placed my foot on a relatively uneven section of bitumen, my heel gave way and I fell sideways, arms out trying to grab onto an imaginary, I don’t know, to prevent my fall?!?!  I fell! People saw.  Motorists laughed.  I picked myself up, chuckled (I wasn’t going to cry) and then tottered off.

However, right after it happened, I remembered the video below; and it brought me solace.  As soon as I got home from the night out, I watched the video again and I can conclude that even though I took a fall….at least it was no where near as embarrassing as this one :)))  This is why I love social media.  You can always find evidence of someone just that little bit worse off than you.  Someone whos predicament is so much more embarrassing.  And don’t get me wrong…I am not sitting there laughing at them (well a little c’mon) pointing and snickering at how silly they are? No! I feel a comradeship with them and feel somewhat connected.

Basically, carry on doing the things you love.  You will fall! You will stumble! But at least you know other’s before you have too also and they made it out okay 🙂 


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