Wondrous Weekends…

The first two weeks of January have been quite stressful for me. Working, the business, running around, launched my much anticipated charity cause.  However, this weekend and the next couple, have been solely dedicated to relaxing and enjoying. (You’ve got to make the time sometimes.) On the agenda this weekend, celebrations for my nephew’s, twin sister’s and my birthday.  I still can’t believe we all share the same Birthday ;).   Plenty of scrumptious food and good times catching up with good friends were in order.

I also had a chance to dust off a couple silk dresses I haven’t had the chance of wearing yet. Since commencing my little campaign, I’ve been busy sorting out my wardrobe and apart from freeing up space and donating, I am also rediscovering old clothes to wear.  I love it!  I am finding pieces that I forgot I had.  It’s like having a new wardrobe all over again.  In spirit of the occasion, I matched my happy mood with a kaleidoscope of colour 🙂 An old Kookai singlet in a beautiful coral pink. A pair of floral garden Mink Pink shorts. A Tigerlily denim pigmented dress, and a silk slouch dress that always reminds me of carnival for some reason?!

Grateful for time with old friends, family, dinosaur parties with a piñata and the most yummy high tea spread I’ve ever seen.


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