To my twin sister on our Birthday!

I was just thinking about the times my sister, Belinda and I, would laugh at a private joke together. We would start laughing so hard we would be crying, tears coming out of our eyes.

And then someone would walk by and see us both laughing and ask, “What’s so funny?” Neither of us would be able to answer though, because we’d be too busy laughing so much. And then it would just get worse. I’d laugh at her because she is laughing and crying. And then she’d look at me and start laughing even more. And on it went.

We’d both be speechless and sore from laughing in hysterics but not able to stop. Tears streaming down our face. The person, baffled, would look at us like we were crazy and walk off shaking their head. But this would make us laugh even more. And then eventually, we would forget what we started laughing about in the first place but we didn’t care, we still laugh.

Eventually, what felt like hours, we’d stop, breathless and hug. Have you ever laughed with someone so much it hurt? Feeling grateful for my twin sister today on our Birthday. Love you xx 1456670_10151866647741921_1289555933_n


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