There comes a time when every proud parent must let their children go!

  Well I wouldn’t know anything about that, however…I am selling a crap load of very, nice shoes.  Why? For charity.  

Friends that know me know, that over the last couple of years I have amassed a very large collection of shoes (a collection good enough to rival ol’ Imelda Marcos).  I treasured these shoes like they were my very own. My little babies.  I nestled them in their little boxes, taking them out for air and a good polish every quarter.  And then I realised to myself…what the heck am I doing? My shoes have their own room.  I don’t even have my own room? And I would much rather be spending my time doing other things other then tending to their high maintenance needs.

One of my babies…I call her Cherry!!!

So, I made the decision to sell all my unnecessary shoes and give the money to charity…specifically, Made in a Free World and IFWA (due to my previous addiction to shopping (read my blog about it as I have banged on enough about it in there) and my love for animals).

With that, if you are a lady with a size 6-7 shoe size, keep posted on my Facebook page because you are bound to snap up a cheap pair, of expensive, good quality shoes.  Nine West Leather Croc Sandal for $6 anyone, hands up?? Yes Please!!

Meet first child!
Meet first child!


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