It’s okay to fail!

I came across a buzzfeed the other day that listed 21 ‘truly upsetting’ vintage recipes.  They were upsetting all right.  I honestly thought the term ‘Epic Fail’ would be appropriately fitting on this occasion; even though I generally despise the use of this exhausted word.  However, epic fails they were.  And while browsing the 21 disgusting recipes that someone actually took the time to conjure up, plan, do a test run, do a proper run, photograph and then have published in this vintage recipe book or cards, it got me thinking that perhaps, my failures in life aren’t that bad after all.

Pretty obscure I know!  To be browsing some recipes and then somehow relate it to personal failures; but you have to see these recipes! (I have taken the liberty of including the link here for your perusal).  However as I finished looking at all 21 images, I felt liberated.  Oddly enough, I felt totally secure about my poor decisions in life.  Because I realised something? NOTHING could be as bad as how these people failed!?!?

  • Sure, I’ve made some bad financial decisions in the past, but I definitely didn’t make a banana, ham and hollandaise casserole?
  • Sure, I wasted a lot of time in my school days messing around but I at least I didn’t make a Jell-o encased coleslaw salad?
  • Sure, I’ve had some ups and downs in my relationships but who the heck thought Liverwurst stuffed Pineapple was a recipe winner? 1243402676894777
  • Sure, I had some doozy decisions in my professional career, but is that Spam and Lima Bean Main course ?
  • Sure, I….is that Tuna and Cheese Lime Jell-o Salad? What is that?

So needless to say, we all make mistakes.  I’ve beaten myself up about many of them.  However, from this humble, satire post about recipes gone wrong, it made me realise that everyone makes mistakes.  And some get published 🙂 I should be grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and grow as a better person 🙂

Carry on dear friends…make those mistakes!

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