I like sleeping under the covers!

It’s been excruciatingly hot here in Australia the last couple of months.  2013 was herald the hottest year since…ages!! (Ages: An official length of time measuring ‘a very long time’.)  However, despite the fact that we have some absolute scorchas, I still find myself sleeping with bedspread over me.

Now, I am pretty certain the house I am currently staying in does NOT have proper insulation.  I assume this because come 5:30am when the sun hits my window, it’s like a friggin oven.  I am literally burning up, like a beached whale on a hot day.  I can feel the sun beaming in and not long after, the mercury starts to climb up past the 25 degree, 26 degree and then 28 degree mark. Yet, I still sleep there…with my covers on.

It's okay...the corner of the blanket is touching me...I am safe!!!
It’s okay…the corner of the blanket is touching me…I am safe!!!

I attempt to turn on the fan from level 1 (moving but not doing anything) to number 3 (any faster and this fan is about to take off) mode however the ONLY thing this has achieved, is circulate the hot air in my room (aka fan forced oven).  And yet, I sleep there with the covers on.

I toss and turn and end up shifting around strategically placing a corner of the blanket over my torso.  Feet sticking out and body sticking out, with a tiny triangle of the blanket covering me; yet I feel secure. And this got me thinking,  what other crazy things do I have to do out of pure comfort.  What other behaviours do we have that instils safeness and security…but doesn’t make much friggin sense at all?As I ponder this, I will lay here in my bed, under the comforting blanket, with a cold wet cloth on my neck to cool me down :/

An unrelated fact: Current weather temp is 28 degrees and rising!


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