Weaning off temptation

In an attempt to ward off temptation I cancelled all my fashion magazines a long time ago; however I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of this little gem!

How I do miss my frankie, oyster, yen, ruush…..oh the list goes on.

It was always a luxury for me to be able to purchase any copy of these coveted fashion magazines (bibles).  I remember in my early adult years, struggling through university and paying my weekly bills; being able to purchase a fashion mag was such a treat.  I would take a time out, grab my favourite snacks, a big cup of tea and spend hours fawning over these precious pages.  The glossy, bright pictures, depicting images and a lifestyle I desired.

Times have changed now.  Some people read these magazines as an escape, catch up on trends, but for me, it was always more than that.  I couldn’t look at a magazine without later amassing an impossible ‘must have’ list of clothing and accessories.  So you see, it was imperative that I ward of the temptation by no longer subscribing or buying any further copies.  It was hard.  I looked forward to seeing what the next yen, Frankie or Ruush instalment would bring. However, I knew I had to change my perspective to change my habits.

After 2 years of no magazines, it has greatly helped in curbing my compulsive shopping addiction and assisted in increasing my savings balance.  Maybe one day I will be able to pick up a copy of my old fav and be able to browse through the pages without developing that sense of excitement and also anxiousness, when I see something I adore.  Something I would have convinced myself I needed.  I aim to one day be able to appreciate the images for the beauty and art it holds, rather than a tool that fuelled my shopping addiction.

To some this was a simple magazine filled with fashion images, but to me, it was nothing but temptation.



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