Wardrobe 101

The last couple of weeks have seen me on a fun, sometimes anxious, but mostly happy task of sorting through my wardrobe in efforts to downsize whilst also embarking on a mission to sell off my excess, non ‘free world, clothes and donate to Made in a Free World.

So….after commencing the daunting task of getting my wardrobe, or more aptly named ‘my garage’, down to a more manageable size, I have also started thinking of new, inventive ways to organise my new, lean wardrobe. The problem I have you see, is that I have so many clothes, sorting through and trying to find items I actual want to wear, can sometimes be very time intensive process (I know…boo hoo me). Hence the main reason why I made the conscious decision to cull and categorise. Apart from wasting countless hours trying to find that one silk camisole tank amongst the hay stack I call my wardrobe, I also tend to miss out on wearing clothes that I love so much because I completely and utterly forget about them. Out of sight out of mind right?

I was recently reading a blog post from a pair and a spare about not investing in an item of clothing UNLESS you can create four unique looks out of that item. Honestly, I don’t know if I am ready for that type of restriction on my shopping decisions, even if I do think it is a great idea towards creating a truly versatile wardrobe. So taking leaf out of Geneve’s book I have decided to try an idea that will hopefully assist me in the organisation of my wardrobe in addition to saving time and getting the most optimal, potential out of my wardrobe.

The Idea

I have decided to create 5 planned ‘looks’ each week. Basically, each Sunday, I plan and prepare my outfits for the week, save time each morning whilst I get ready for work and finally have a very visual, go-to wardrobe all ready for my busy week. In addition to being more organised, I will slowly create a ‘look book’ of my own for quick, easy reference to some of my favourite outfits and looks. Of course, this would be a more structured way of approaching my styling. If I’m feeling a little spontaneous and I don’t feel like wearing one of my planned outfits, no biggie…I’ll just sort through my haystack and try and find something I’m feeling that day 🙂 So…starting with my first week, I have included my 5 outfits below. As you can tell, I am very big on prints and colour at the moment getting into the spring spirit.

Pinkstitch Scarf Print Pant & Material Girl denim two tone vest.
Tigerlily Brocade Pant & Thrift Silk Tank
Finders Keepers Sorbet T Shirt Dress
Tigerlily Shakeela Maxi Dress
Witchery Silk Camisole & Witchery String Flapper Skirt