Find Inspiration in everything…

I’ve been attempting to instil a new mantra in my life….”Find inspiration in everything”.

I am an avid fashion lover, as you probably can tell by now, and I have taken a great shine to some very talented fashionistas out there who have made a name for themselves doing something they love….recycling fashion.  And it got me pondering and musing, how I wish I did something more with my love for fashion…other than buy it.

But not just fashion…there are so many people out there who are so creative and passionate, who start out full filling their own desires and slowly but surely, they inspire others with their great minds.  Now, I’m not saying I want to inspire the Gen Y or Gen of any alphabet really, but I would love to instil more creativity into my own life and dedicate more time to myself in ways that are more meaningful.

So from there,  I’ve been thinking of ways I can be more creative.  Not just creative, but a way I can contribute to my own life that not only combines my passions but hopefully also sustain some sort of financial means to support or add value to my current means.  I have always worked for someone else and to be honest I don’t mind it, because I have always loved my job.  However, to have my own mini empire or earn some sort of financial gain from something I truly am passionate about….is a dream I want to make a reality.

So below…I have complied my ‘think board’ of current inspiration, things that I love, that inspire and that make me what to do better….


06_28_10_gardenparty imagesimages (11) lolly-buffet-photo-shoot1 Fly-Away-With-Me1 images (10) images (7) download (1) images (3) images (2) images LA portland2gq8 salvaged_hardwood_floor_chandy2 spring-2


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