Help me reduce my slavery footprint…

As I mentioned in a recent post ‘Reducing my slavery footprint, one clothing item at a time’…being that my clothing purchases had left the biggest impact regarding my slavery footprint, I am attempting to reduce my slavery footprint by selling some of the clothes I have amassed over the years.

So here is how you can help!! If you need clothes, than please check out my ebay shop to see if I have something you could use.  I’d be recycling my clothes on to you, and I’d be donating the funds I receive to  It’s a win-win for all.

You get clothes, I reduce my slavery footprint (and more closet space) and get donations to assist them in their goal to create a free world.

I have a wide selection of clothes that I will be listing over the next few months so pop over to my eBay store: yostar81 and check out the bargains.

I have gorgeous vintage numbers like this up for grabs, work wear, surf wear, casual…the lot.

Authentic 1950’s Vintage Floral Dress…on sale now!!

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