Fashion runs in the family…

… a round about way.mustafa-soydan-fashion-illustrations-1-600x600

So fashion runs in the family in the sense that my very talented sister creates fashion, while I… just buy it.

Not long ago I posted that I had to remove temptations from my life help me along the way to my shopping sobriety.  And like I said then, I say again…”Easier said then done.”

The first and biggest issue is:

a) I work for an online retailer.  I get a great staff discount rate of 40% off.

This is akin to an alcoholic working in your local Dan Murphy’s bottle shop.  Or a drug addict working as a pharmacist in a chemist…perhaps? But you get my drift.  It’s not easy.

And point b) My sister is a fashion designer.

Sometimes, being the nice sibling that I am, I will help my sister out by being a fitting model.  I get to wear her beautiful clothes, see them nearly everyday….it can get quite overwhelming.

Not to mention the daily temptations I get from all the on-line media that is put under my nose…the daily instagram shots, facebook fashion pages popping up in my news feed…the list goes on.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I can’t visit a Dr surgery without obsessively, flipping though magazines to get my daily fashion fix before my appointment is called.  It used to be the same when I go grocery shopping.  I used to casually stroll the isles as my other half was diligently working his way through the shopping list whilst I diligently worked my way though the fashion magazines.  You see my problem! I couldn’t even wait 1 hour until our shopping expedition was over…no, I had to rifle through each magazine  ‘AS’ we were shopping because I just couldn’t resist.  Now…I sprint through the Woolworths isles in order to expedite our shopping mission and avoid the temptations of magazines.


But despite this bleakness…things are improving.  I will always have temptations, but it’s just a matter of overcoming them…one way or another….

One day at a time…one day at a time!




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