I’m having a BBQ, BYO….everything!

I was invited to a friends BBQ the other week.  I hadn’t seen this friend in a long time and I was quite excited at the idea of catching up.  Then I read the invite.  

This invite has been modified to protect….well…to protect myself :/

The good old BYO rule! So I am going to put it out there and ask the question…what is the ruling on this? What are acceptable BYO standards?

Now I normally would expect to bring maybe a side and or drinks, however the invite called for BYO sides, meat, drinks and chair?

Look…I’m no party planner or event coordinator even, however… I would have thought that if you are inviting people over to your house for a get together, you would be providing merely more than just the…location?  Am I wrong people? Am I the only one who shares this sentiment? 

I was stumped.  However, being that I haven’t seen this person in a long time and despite my complaints…I am considering going along and brining with me…my pantry, fridge and furniture.

However, I would just like to add that when I put on a party…I put on a party…BBQ, dinner party, picnic…whatever…just BYO…yourself and we are GOOD!

End of rant!



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