Help me reduce my slavery footprint…

As I mentioned in a recent post ‘Reducing my slavery footprint, one clothing item at a time’…being that my clothing purchases had left the biggest impact regarding my slavery footprint, I am attempting to reduce my slavery footprint by selling some of the clothes I have amassed over the years.

So here is how you can help!! If you need clothes, than please check out my ebay shop to see if I have something you could use.  I’d be recycling my clothes on to you, and I’d be donating the funds I receive to  It’s a win-win for all.

You get clothes, I reduce my slavery footprint (and more closet space) and get donations to assist them in their goal to create a free world.

I have a wide selection of clothes that I will be listing over the next few months so pop over to my eBay store: yostar81 and check out the bargains.

I have gorgeous vintage numbers like this up for grabs, work wear, surf wear, casual…the lot.

Authentic 1950’s Vintage Floral Dress…on sale now!!

Fashion runs in the family…

… a round about way.mustafa-soydan-fashion-illustrations-1-600x600

So fashion runs in the family in the sense that my very talented sister creates fashion, while I… just buy it.

Not long ago I posted that I had to remove temptations from my life help me along the way to my shopping sobriety.  And like I said then, I say again…”Easier said then done.”

The first and biggest issue is:

a) I work for an online retailer.  I get a great staff discount rate of 40% off.

This is akin to an alcoholic working in your local Dan Murphy’s bottle shop.  Or a drug addict working as a pharmacist in a chemist…perhaps? But you get my drift.  It’s not easy.

And point b) My sister is a fashion designer.

Sometimes, being the nice sibling that I am, I will help my sister out by being a fitting model.  I get to wear her beautiful clothes, see them nearly everyday….it can get quite overwhelming.

Not to mention the daily temptations I get from all the on-line media that is put under my nose…the daily instagram shots, facebook fashion pages popping up in my news feed…the list goes on.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I can’t visit a Dr surgery without obsessively, flipping though magazines to get my daily fashion fix before my appointment is called.  It used to be the same when I go grocery shopping.  I used to casually stroll the isles as my other half was diligently working his way through the shopping list whilst I diligently worked my way though the fashion magazines.  You see my problem! I couldn’t even wait 1 hour until our shopping expedition was over…no, I had to rifle through each magazine  ‘AS’ we were shopping because I just couldn’t resist.  Now…I sprint through the Woolworths isles in order to expedite our shopping mission and avoid the temptations of magazines.


But despite this bleakness…things are improving.  I will always have temptations, but it’s just a matter of overcoming them…one way or another….

One day at a time…one day at a time!



I’m having a BBQ, BYO….everything!

I was invited to a friends BBQ the other week.  I hadn’t seen this friend in a long time and I was quite excited at the idea of catching up.  Then I read the invite.  

This invite has been modified to protect….well…to protect myself :/

The good old BYO rule! So I am going to put it out there and ask the question…what is the ruling on this? What are acceptable BYO standards?

Now I normally would expect to bring maybe a side and or drinks, however the invite called for BYO sides, meat, drinks and chair?

Look…I’m no party planner or event coordinator even, however… I would have thought that if you are inviting people over to your house for a get together, you would be providing merely more than just the…location?  Am I wrong people? Am I the only one who shares this sentiment? 

I was stumped.  However, being that I haven’t seen this person in a long time and despite my complaints…I am considering going along and brining with me…my pantry, fridge and furniture.

However, I would just like to add that when I put on a party…I put on a party…BBQ, dinner party, picnic…whatever…just BYO…yourself and we are GOOD!

End of rant!


How to save money 101 (The bad way)

By now, if you’ve been reading some of my posts, you would have noticed that I am a shopaholic….or a reformed one at least.

In the past, I would go to extreme lengths to reserve or stretch my money for my spending expeditions.

Now I wouldn’t really call any of the below tips, ‘practical saving tips’. In fact, I would say that in hindsight these are merely ways to manipulate your budget and not tactics that I want to ever revert to again.

It wasn’t very positive or uplifting. Normally when you manage to improve your budget or cut non essential spendings, you feel better about it because any excess money would be going to a better cause, whether it be saving for a holiday, or saving to put an extra payment on your mortgage or saving to pay off your bad debt.

But no…any possible saving I made eventually went to spending on clothes. In fact, the below tactics had the sole purpose of stretching out my budget so I could spend on whatever item I ‘needed’ to get.

Tips on how to save money (for my shopping expeditions)

Groceries in Brown Paper Bag

  • Groceries…who needs them. One of the biggest discretionary items that got cut was my grocery bill. Fresh vegetables and product was regularly replaced with grocery, pre-made soup (4 for $10) and other packet goods. Thankfully, I regularly visited my family during the week, all who were nice enough to feed me.
  • images (3)Credit card savoir – Another way I’d stretch my money would be to use my credit card. There were months, after allocating money to bills, I had no spare money to shop. A way to overcome this would, I would pay my credit card minimum for the month…then spend that amount on shopping. The credit card bills got paid, in a functionality sense, and I got to shop still.
  • Library books – I have a love for books but if I had to choose over a couple new release paperbacks or a new item of clothing…you know who’d win. This eventually led me to the local library and the act of borrowing books. Sure…they had a funky smell to them every now and then…but I kinda liked the feeling of reading a precious novel that was shared amongst the masses…or at least the local Helensvale senior club :/


  • Beauty Products – I regularly ran out of products and literally had no money to replenish my stores. I ended up hero_imagefinding very creative ways to maintain aspects of beauty at minimum to no cost. Honey…my mantra was, “if all else fails use honey”. I was lathering honey everywhere for all kinds of beauty rememdies. “Have a pimple, put some honey on it”, “Sore throat – Honey water will do the trick”, “Cut your finger….never fear…honey will minimise infection.” Bi-carb Soda also works well for a shampoo alternative and I used lemon as a toner a couple times. Olive oil is also great as a moisturiser and not just useful for your trio of dips with bread menu item.

Thank fully now….being on the mend as a recovering shopaholic, I don’t have to resort to these measures however I did learn some valuable lessons some I won’t ever repeat and some, such as my innovative beauty methods, that I actually haven’t stopped using due to its effectiveness.

Reducing my slavery footprint…one clothing item at a time!

Recently there was a news report on ‘The Project’ @theprojecttv regarding slavery in the world and it directed consumers to a website,, where you could actually view your own ‘slavery footprint’. It was an eye opener to see how my lifestyle and living inadvertently supports and fuels the slavery trade around the world. Living a relatively moderate life I believed…after all I don’t even own an ipad, laptop and the other horde of gadgets that my generation have acquired…my ‘slavery footprint’ would be minimal.

Of course, I had a sneaking suspicion that my biggest impact would in fact be my love for shopping and the purchasing of brands that may not necessarily take a conscious effort to source and manufacture their products, free from slavery.

I was right! To supportmy living and lifestyle, I had 60 slaves working for me. My biggest impact were the clothing purchases I had amassed over the years. It was an interesting little exercise for me at first however, as I started delving in deeper and researched the devastating affects of slave labour via consumer demand and also the companies that support it, I felt more than a little sick to my stomach to think I that something that brought me happiness and personal satisfaction was at the cost of another human beings happiness.

My slavery footprint! I have ?? slaves working for me.

uzbekistan-child-labor-cotton-1-537x402 (1) slavery-footprint-4-537x402

There are so many opinions out there that certain companies are in fact doing good by giving these communities/people jobs, even if it is well below standard living/employment conditions. Secondly, that these companies are only delivering goods and services, fuelled by a consumer demand.

After reading that opinion, it’s hard for me to not believe and feel the opinion of my own, that companies are just blatantly justifying their part in the slave labour through consumer needs and maintain their inability to make a change through a ‘this is the way it is’ mentality.

However, I too as a consumer, is taking part in justifying my spending habits and not taking action.

Now that I know my part, I am making a conscious effort to reverse my actions and reduce my slavery footprint. How? Well, being that clothing is my biggest contributor in having slaves work for me, the first step is to stop buying clothes that directly or indirectly, support slave labour.

This was a very big decision for me but an easy one. To be honest, most of the brands I buy are all manufactured within countries rife with slave labour. The next step, I have decided to start selling the clothing items from non slave free brands, either via eBay, gumtree or direct to friends. With all the funds I make from selling these clothes, I am going to donate to the

This is just a small step to freeing my conscious but most importantly freeing modern day slaves from slave labour. I am not wanting to point the finger at brands that may still use modern day slaves to manufacture their goods. However, I do hope, like myself, the awareness will cause these brands to take action and hopefully one day, I’ll buy those brands again when they are ‘slavery free’.

We can all do our part to make a difference. Take action today.

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Keep an eye out on ebay for items I will be listing soon.

Ebay ID: yostar81

Donation Goal to

One Shopping Addiction with a side of denial thank you!

Hello my name is Yolanda and its been 7 days since my last purchase.

Okay, one thing I want to point out is that unlike other addictions like alcoholism where it’s not necessary to purchase or consume alcohol…shopaholism, you do actually need to purchase clothes from time to time.

Now I’m not saying this to justify purchasing a new Oroton bag or anything, no? But, from time to time, I might need to buy a new pair of jeans, or runners or bras and undies…it’s an essential. But where I have to draw the line now is the cost and at times the volume (I have been known to purchase the same item multiple times…in order to have all the released colors). So instead of buying a $270 pair of Sass n Bide jeans…I have to opt for perhaps a…deep breath…Jeans West alternative.

So back to my post…I have a shopping addiction and it took me many years to admit it. Truth is…deep down, I always knew I had a problem…but it’s not until you actually admit it out aloud that you can take action.

Denial. The dictionary defines it as, ‘A refusal to accept or believe something, such as a doctrine or belief.’

Now I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know how I could have ever possibly believed this was normal and denied having a problem.

I don’t have a wardrobe…I have a Garage!

Look at that? Who in their right mind could deny there is a problem there?

In fact…if a shopping addiction wasn’t the problem, well then me being insane for actually believing this was normal is the possible problem or the fact I could rival any contestant from ‘the biggest hoarder’ show…is another problem. I swear…there’s probably a cat under all those clothes and shoes.

So yes, it took me years to come to terms and finally get a handle on my problem. But bit by bit and day by day things are getting better. Hopefully, if you out there have a problem just like me, you won’t have to go to the length of taking over your garage, whilst your new Toyota Corolla remains parked in your driveway braving the elements, just so your ‘clothes’ can have a home.