Keeping busy or also known as…keeping myself occupied so I don’t shop!

In a bid to keep myself busy I have taken some advice and taken up a new hobby.

In one of my posts I blogged about ‘Removing Temptations’. Well part of that was to get rid of any glossy magazines I had around the house.

This proved difficult. I had a good collection going and I found it such a waste, both monetary and art sake, to throw out these beautiful magazines.

So I decided to create collage inspired writing journals with images cut out from these magazines (my goal was to keep it more focused on art than fashion inspired images.)

Somehow…I didn’t think I’d find any serenity by obsessively cutting out fashion images such as ‘clothing looks’ and collaging them onto a journal, a journal that I am supposed to use to write about my shopping habit accomplishments.

So for the last couple of weekends I have busily occupied myself with making these little beauties and actually found myself getting quite enthralled in my DIY craft project.

It proved to work that by taking up a hobby, I have managed to divert my attention from, just focusing on shopping to now…arts and crafts.

And if or when my attentions wanes with this project…I already have my next inspiration line up…knitting a scarf for winter .



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