Irony if I’ve ever seen irony before….

Hi, my name is Yolanda and I am shopaholic…debtor…over spender!

Must Have/s

If you’ve read any of my lasts posts you will have learned by now that yes….I have a serious shopping addiction.  Now I’m not talking about your, “oh no I just bought two items in the same month” type of problem, I mean the, “oh no, I just bought 4 of the same hand bags in the latest Witchery collection because I just had to have every single colour” type of problem. Yep…that’s me.

Of late, I’ve had some interesting turn of events and the biggest one to note would be, my current new job!

An Update: I lost my job end of last year but thankfully secured a new job…in retail.  That’s right.  I now work for a retail company and one of my staff incentives is 40% off clothing (breathing into brown paper bag and pulling out hair as we speak).

Clothes at my fingertips
Daily Temptations

Trust me, I did not take this job lightly.  However, after being made redundant in my last role and then being offered a position in my local area, no travel, for the same salary…I was hard pressed to say no.  So…. I am sure you can understand my predicament and daily temptation from 9am-5pm.

Keep posted because no doubt there will be some crazy times ahead. 

images (7)
Me. That’s right…me at the end of every work day.


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