Hi, my name is Yolanda and I’m a Compulsive Debtor!


As mentioned I had my first  ‘Debtor’s Anonymous’ (DA) meeting last week.

It took me a long time to actually find information about any support groups or meetings for Shopaholics.  Perhaps because I was searching on Google for ‘Shopaholic anonymous’ and ‘Compulsive Spenders R us’ and other stereotypical names I had heard over the years.  However, I hit the jack pot when I googled ‘Debtors Anonymous’. 
I think I was sub-consciously avoiding the word ‘Debt’ because it has such a negative connotation where as ‘Shop and spend’ don’t sound so bad to me.  Apparently these meetings a quite popular in the US? When I was searching meeting locations there was hundreds in America, a few sprinkled in New Zealand and Australia and even a couple in Bali? I found this so bizarre and it actually made me feel a little better about my addiction? I don’t know why but I figured, if a third world destination like Bali has the need for a ‘Debtor’ meeting than there really must be people in need of help and not just me 🙂

So back to my first meeting…I took along my re-used notebook, I still refrained from purchasing a new shiny notebook, and sat nervously as I waited for the


members to arrive. In total there were…3 of us? I somehow think there are a lot of people in denial in my little city.

I didn’t know what to expect and was quite nervous about ‘sharing’ my story.  I still feel so foolish and ridiculous opening up about the fact that I have incurred insurmountable debt on clothes and shoes and bags and other tid bits and am now looking at moving back to my mother’s house, at the age of 30, so I can start making a dent in my massive credit card debt.  Excuse me, I just threw up a little as I typed my last sentence as it just made me think of my massive unpaid credit card debt.

All in all, my meeting went well.  I am endeavouring to go religiously every week on Thursday.  Being that this is the only meeting available to me, I really have no choice on the day.  However, it falls nicely on our ‘late night shopping night’ that I used to frequently go to each week to pick up whatever item I had on hold at one of my many favourite shops.

So I have taken the first step in my recovery and found a DA meeting to help me overcome my habit.  It has been 7 days since my last purchase and I feel good 🙂

Signing out…Compulsive Debtor in recovery.


Photo credit: http://joonbug.com/national/glamdamnit/Law-Order/xATbAUDQPLe


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