A picture paints a thousand…shoes!?!

My babies….

So…as part of my attempt to get my life back on track and sort out my horrendous shopping addiction, I started culling my vast shoe collection and am in the process of cataloguing the shoes I will be putting up for sale on ebay and other online sites. After much deliberation and umming and ahhing, I managed to organise my shoes into a carefully displayed storage system in my garage. And when I say ‘I’, I mean a crafty & talented handyman who built the shelving for me, as I supervised 🙂

It was quite funny and possibly sad at the same time, however when the handyman came to my house to install the shelving, he asked me if I ran a home business selling clothes and shoes.  Of course, I informed him that these were just my personal items that I was now trying to cull, due to space issues.  And of course…the handyman looked at me with quite the disturbed look.  It’s okay, I’m used to it, I get it all the time….moving on.

Now,  these shelves ran the full length of our single lock up garage, on both sides. So I have only taken the photo of one side of the shelving but you get the idea. Now…I really think I have to work on culling a lot more shoes however I am impressed that I was even able to decide on selling one pair let alone 20? Well done to me, pat pat on my back…recovery is turning out nicely.

‘To sell or not to sell’ pile??
Project Phase 1 Complete: My shoes to keep!

Current shoe count: 150 pairs

eBay account: yostar81


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